Little Green

Hello, we have a simple juice today called “Little Green”. It has just three ingredients that work well together: green apples, kiwis and celery. We like pairing anti-inflammatory celery with sweet vitamin c and enzyme rich kiwis, along with green apples. Wash your green apples well so that you can keep the skin on as it is loaded with phytonutrients which are also anti-inflammatory. Green apples are less sweet which is fine because the kiwis bring their sweetness. Use this recipe as a starting point and play with the ingredients amounts. Some on our team like more celery and just a little apple. Either way these ingredients support nourishment and hydration. Enjoy! 🍏🥝⁣

Wash, prep and juice your ingredients:⁣

2 green apples, cored⁣
2 kiwis, peeled⁣
2 celery stalks (add more if desired)⁣

yield approx. 16oz
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