Low-Sugar Hydrating Recipes

Hello, when we are making juice recipes we like to think about the juice being made up of three different parts. The first part is the juice base, where we focus on vegetables that make up the bulk of the nourishing liquid that hydrates you. In today’s recipe the base is made up of green chard, celery, and cucumber. All three are low in sugar, full of vitamins and minerals, anti inflammatory and extremely hydrating. We then like adding some phytonutrient rich flavorings for the second part, which today is inspired by a mojito, classic lime and mint. Finally, we have a sweetening addition; this third part can make up a very small portion of your juice especially if you are watching your sugar intake. It’s easy to slowly reduce this part of your juice as you get used to a less sweet flavor. We love adding fruits like vitamin C rich kiwis or tart green apples or hydrating honeydew melon. Today we added two small kiwis to lightly sweeten our juice and give us a boost of vitamin C. Fruits are wonderfully nutritious and need not always be used as the base for your juice. It may be helpful to just think of them as an added nutritious sweetener to your juice recipes. ⁣

wash, prep, and chop your ingredients⁣
juice in order given⁣

5 large chard leaves⁣
small bunch of mint leaves⁣
4 celery stalks⁣
1 lime, peeled⁣
2 kiwi, peeled⁣
1 cucumber ⁣

yield: approx. 20 oz.⁣
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