Anti-Inflammatory and Digestive Recipes

Hello, we have a delicious juice recipe for you that is lightly sweetened with a green pear. Pears can be a nice alternative to apples in your juices and they provide a good source of vitamin C. Along with the pear we combined fennel, cucumber and celery for their anti-inflammatory and digestive support. A lime brings extra vitamin C and its lovely citrus flavor. This recipe makes a larger amount, about 32 oz. of juice. Enjoy and stay hydrated!⁣

Wash and chop ingredients to fit your juicer⁣.
Juice in order given⁣:

6 celery stalks⁣
1 pear, cored ⁣
1 large fennel bulb⁣
1 cucumber ⁣
1 lime, peeled⁣

yield: 32 oz
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