Morning Dew

Hello, we have a super refreshing and easy to drink green juice recipe for you today. Enjoy!⁣

Morning Dew:⁣

2 green apples⁣
1/2 honeydew melon⁣
8 chard leaves (silverbeet or Swiss chard)⁣
1 lime⁣
1 small handful of basil⁣
1 small handful of mint⁣

Yield: approx. 28 ounces⁣

1. Wash green apples, chard leaves, basil and mint thoroughly.⁣
2. Remove rind of the honeydew, core green apples and peel lime.⁣
3. Cut all ingredients into appropriate sizes.⁣
4. Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy.⁣

Morning Dew Ingredients:⁣

Green Apples:⁣
Apples, especially apple skin, so pick unwaxed ones for juicing, are rich in polyphenols. Some of these polyphenols make it all the way to our gut and help support our good bacterial. Green apples are less sweet, but still rich in these nourishing properties. The main fibre in apples is pectin which is water-soluble. The pectin in your juice will also nourish your gut bacteria and is a soothing fibre for those with more delicate digestive systems.⁣

Honeydew Melon:⁣
This is full of water, and natural intrinsic sweetness. Though it is not as nutrient-dense in itself as say kale or watercress, it makes drinking these more pungent greens possible. Honeydew has a really broad pallet of nutrients and is surprisingly good for us. It contains, B vitamins, minerals like magnesium, manganese and potassium. ⁣

Chard leaves:⁣
Are you struggling with greens? Think about experimenting with chard. A relation of spinach and kale, chard can taste a little earthy but lacks the faint bitter edge in kale or the metallic iron-rich tang of spinach. All in all, it is a milder green, second really only to lettuce. Even though lettuce isn't as nutrient-rich as other greens if you are new to the flavors of green food, sweet lettuce is a great place to start, and then move onto chard, then spinach then kale.
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