Side Effects of Drinking Celery Juice

Blending up stalks of celery and drinking it isn't as weird as it may seem. In fact, celery juice—the liquid that is strained out of blended celery stalks—can actually be massively beneficial for your health. This nutrient-packed green juice not only provides your body with all kinds of vitamins and minerals it needs, but it can also help with warding off disease and keeping your body healthy for the long term. But with so many health benefits celery juice can provide, are there any negative side effects to keep in mind if you're drinking this juice regularly?

1 It's filled with beneficial nutrients.
One of the major benefits of drinking celery juice regularly is the boost of micronutrients it gives your body in one easy, green cup.
"A huge benefit of celery juice is that it's packed with nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and K," says Burgess. "These nutrients are essential for many important functions in our body."
One cup of celery juice is also a valuable source of calcium (8% of your daily value), magnesium (7% DV), and potassium (14% DV).

2 It can reduce inflammation and your risk of disease.
"Calcium, potassium, and magnesium can all help to lower blood pressure and have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke," says Burgess.
One study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine evaluated the benefit of drinking celery juice for a hypertensive patient and found that the inclusion of celery juice in his diet, as well as regular chiropractic care, found his blood pressure decreased over time. While this study only looked at one patient, many experts do confirm that the different nutritional aspects of celery juice can continue to benefit your heart health in positive ways.
Another study in Phytotherapy Research found that flavonoids in celery can suppress cardiovascular inflammation, decreasing oxidative stress in the bloodstream which can increase the risk of disease. It also "leads to expanding of smooth muscle in the blood vessels and lower blood pressure."

3 It can improve eye and skin health.
Celery juice can help support eye health because of the boost of vitamin A. One cup of celery juice contains 7% of your DV of vitamin A, which is an important nutrient for "vision, growth, cell division, reproduction, and immunity," according to the Mayo Clinic.
Celery juice is also hydrating, which helps with improving skin health. The vitamin C in this green juice (containing 16% of your DV) can also help with collagen synthesis), which makes up joint-supporting tissues and is responsible for skin elasticity (i.e. making your skin smoother).
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4 It lacks fiber.
Celery is typically known to be a good source of fiber, with one cup of whole celery stalks containing 1.6 grams of fiber along with those beneficial vitamins and minerals.
"Fiber helps feed the good bacteria in your gut which supports a healthy gut microbiome and results in the production of certain beneficial compounds like short-chain fatty acids," says Burgess. "Plus, fiber helps keep you fuller longer and can aid in preventing constipation and lowering cholesterol."
Unfortunately, when you blend up the celery stalks and strain them to make juice, it also strains out most of the fiber. Without the fiber and protein in a meal, your blood sugar levels can rise and fall quickly, making you feel hungrier instead of satisfied and full after a meal.

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