Special Orange Juice

Hello! Our recipe today features carrots and sweet potatoes. But we really turn the dial up by adding lemon and fresh ginger to make this blend something really special. ⁣Hope you have a great holiday. Enjoy!⁣

Clean, prep and chop all ingredients to fit your juicer. Juice in the order given⁣

1 lemon, peeled⁣
1 apple⁣
1 inch piece of ginger⁣
4 carrots⁣
1/2 a large yam or sweet potato, peeled or washed well⁣

yield: approx. 16 ounces⁣

Lemon - When life gives you lemons, juice them. Lemons contain a compound called limonene. Some studies suggest it can help prevent certain cancers and bronchitis.⁣

Apple - One of the greatest benefits of apples is the pectin content. Studies suggest that the pectin found in apples encourages the body to produce anti-inflammatory blood proteins called cytokines.⁣

Ginger - Ginger is great for juicing. It’s a spicy fragrant root known to support the body’s metabolic process. It also helps improve digestion. It can be added to many juice blends to create a delicious, sweet and spicy experience.⁣

Carrot - Carrots are a great addition to improve the appearance of your skin. Carrot juice contains vitamin C, which is known to help the skin heal faster from lesions, rashes and wounds. They also contain beta-carotene which reduces skin inflammation.⁣⁣

Yam/Sweet Potato - Sweet potatoes and yams have become even more popular in recent years due to their nutritional content of anthocyanins, phenolic acids, vitamins, and minerals. These beneficial compounds have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. ⁣
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