Advice for juicing detox?

What is some of your advice for making juicing smarter, easier, doable, fun, etc...

I'm on a 21 day detox...

In no particular order a brain storm of what helps

I order a ton of greens with a click from Amazon/Whole Foods, makes it much easier

When I'm hungry i just juice and drink and 5 minutes later I'm feeling much better

Just doing it - putting feelings and emotions aside, just drink and you feel ok, them great, then amazing

I think of how much better i feel, always have energy vs possible energy crashes after eating some food

Keeping a daily log of weight and what you juiced, what was good, what was not

Marking a calendar for days ... Helps to see the progress and seeing few days that are left

Knowing that first few days are hard and confusing and then it all balances it self out and elevates you

I think of how much changes i see everytime i have done a detox

  • i drop extra weight (i weigh and measure every morning)

  • i look younger (I'm a 40 yo male)

  • i upgrade my eating habits every time and take them to the next level

  • the amount of new knowledge is amazing

  • everything becomes more clear and clean

  • i cherish food and life much more after juicing

  • knowing how even 5 days of jucing can help my body heal anc prevent any potential problems in the future

  • metabolism is reset

  • i think of how infinitely jucing is easier vs water or dry fasting, its a feast

  • I think of gow good I'm feeling and will feel and look after this

  • I think of how long i have been waiting to do this and have been telling friends i will, and if not now - when again?

  • i count down, not up say I'm on day 3, i know i only have 21-3=18 just 18 days left of this beautiful bliss, let me saviour every moment of tgis experience

  • i notice how i am getting better and it is easier every time i do this

  • i know for me this is the elixir of life

  • telling friends you are doing this helps

  • keeping a journal of how you feel, what you notice, ideas helps

  • doing this is a warm climate or season helps

  • being alone, when your family, etc ... Are bot cooking, bot eating, not asking you to go out helps

  • having empty bottles helps

  • making a huge large batch and filling up bottles and keeping them cool, helps

  • having a bit of sea salt in your pocket and taking a bit now and then makes it fun and can help, hmm maybe aome oil as well or a mix 😹

  • knowing how you will look your best

  • jnowing how this is your key for the future of being in shape and eating right and its like a game where you improve the technique and your self every time you do it

  • knowing and feeling the amount of energy, vibe, knowledge that are transferes is remarkable

  • knowing that if you do just 5 days you are a hero and taking it 5 days at a time, knowing rhat objective is not to do a certain amount of days vut to get the benefits

  • to reset your taste buds, to start from a clean slate, clean freah start

  • i will be happy to eat any food, so i think i will exclude meat dor a while, i will try to be more vegan with occasional seafood and rarely if need/deaire be good bit of meat

I add salt and teaspoon of some oil to some juices

Throwing out all left over old food from the fridge and around the house helps

I have a centerfugal juicer - makes it faster, i clean the filter that rotates before each batch and clean it whole 1x a day

Watching some documentary on juicing helps (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Super Juice Me, Gerraon Miracle, Fasting, what else?)

Watching YouTubers who juice helps - life regenetor,

On day 10 or so i might have a warm broth ... Really helps

  • buying juice from a local juice place or even cold pressed from Trader's Joe

  • sometimes i will drop some ocassional vitamins / supplements into water to make sure they disolve and drink to check the taste or add that to the juice...

  • doing a tiny bit of weed or special mushroom tea on some days as a treat can take you to amazing highs

  • being alone, in natures...

  • meditating

  • doing yoga

  • drinking some kombucha at times

  • having fun sometimes juicing amazing fryits and vegetables that you never did before - like watermelon with pineapple adding some ginger and lime (although i do not recommend any that have sugar it can be bad, leading to diabetes)

  • drink some tea with caffeine to wake you up

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