Citrus Juicer

Any of the juicers on our list can be used for juicing citrus fruits, but if that’s the main type of juice you intend to make, you have some especially economical options available to you. You’ll sometimes see this type of juicer listed as an “OJ juicer” or a “citrus press,” and there’s actually a pretty wide range of models available just devoted to juicing citrus.

Citrus Juicer
You can stick with a simple, manual citrus juicer that costs as little as $20, or find more expensive electronic versions with built-in containers for capturing the juice and different sizes of juicing cones for the different types of citrus fruits. Citrus juicers are usually best for people who aren’t too interested in branching into juicing other types of fruits and vegetables and who aren’t looking to juice large quantities of fruit at once.

Easy to use.
There are many affordable models available.
Easier to clean than other types of juicers.
Small & portable, so they take up little counter space and can be easily stored.
To Keep in Mind:
Only good for juicing citrus.
Not practical for juicing large quantities.
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