Triturating Juicers

If you can't get through a day without your glass of fresh juice, the best juicer for you may be a triturating juicer. These juicers use rotating twin gears to crush and then grind produce into very small, very fine particles. The gears then push the most juice out of the food bits, leaving behind very dry pulp and high-quality juice. This type of juicer is particularly great with hearty vegetables and leafy greens, but it can also get a great deal of juice out of soft fruits, too. Like the masticating juicer, a triturating juicer is much quieter than a centrifugal juicer, but the grader off here might be the large footprint. Most of these machines are horizontal juicers, which means they need more space on your countertop or in your pantry. As a trade-off, many of these juicers are also capable of several other great culinary tasks, from grinding seeds and nuts to chopping veggies. If this sounds like the right juicer for you, be prepared to make an investment. Most models start around $400, and they can easily cost several thousand dollars.

Juice stays fresh for longer.
Units tend to be pretty quiet.
Juice is especially nutrient-rich.
Produces a high yield of juice for the amount of fruits and vegetables.
This type of juicer works with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
Can be used for some other uses, such as making pasta or bread.
To Keep in Mind:
These can be very expensive.
May be more difficult to clean.
Slower than other types of juicers.
Large and heavy. Takes up lots of counter space and harder to store when not in use.
Not great for juicing citrus – it’s too powerful for the soft fruit.
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