Pumpkin Soup Recipe Using a Slow Juicer

This delicious soup recipe is packed with antioxidants to keep everyone warm and healthy. Enjoy a cozy fall season with fall recipes.

Ingredients (serves 2):

2 cups of chicken stock (or veggie stock)
3 cups of pumpkins
1 tsp of pumpkin seeds
2 or 3 garlic cloves
1/4 heavy cream
Dried thyme
Salt and pepper to season

Prepare all the produce by cleaning and prepping them for juicing.
Juice all the fruit and veggie ingredients, and make sure to collect the pulp.
Coat pan with butter and simmer pulp that came out from step 2. Stir in low heat.
Add the pulp and stock on mid-high heat. Cook for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. While simmering slowly add in the heavy cream, until preferred consistency of soup.
Garnish with some pumpkin seeds, and serve while hot. Enjoy!
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